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The Problem With The Prodigal #FindingJesus @PastorKeion Henderson (mp3)

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We're in a generation of WHY?

There is no more disengagement of the psychoanalysis of anything. The world wants to know why. We want answers we cannot handle. Why do we ask questions that we cant handle the answer to? When you get the answer...what are you going to do with it? We have a seduction for signs. Only an evil generation seeks a sign. You don't need a need a WORD FROM GOD! God's Word doesn't need Validation.

Your Failure is connected to the signs, you have been basing your life off of. Align your life with the Word of God! You need a word not a sign. God doesn't have to prove himself.

You're so frustrated with your enemies that you have nothing left to pour into your friends! The greatest thing that you're going to have to gain, is the gift of what to respond to and what to ignore. What is in your conversation? #FindingJesus